Jane Roman Pitt
Peace of the River

Peace of the River (1997)

Peace of the River is a jazz album of songs that range from standards to blues to bossa nova. Half are original compositions and half are songs that I love, all expressing positivity and hope.


  • I Forgot About the Stars
  • Child of the Circled Heart
  • Here Comes the Sun
  • Sunshine Switch
  • Look To Today
  • She Walks Like A Whisper
  • Where the Sky Meets the Future
  • Sunny Side of the Street
  • Where Or When
  • Peace of the River
  • Going Beyond
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Road to Dreamland

Road to Dreamland (2017)

When I started collecting lullabies, I found that not only had lullabies been around virtually forever, but that many contemporary singer/songwriters also had written love songs to their children. “Road to Dreamland” is my second award-winning album of soothing bedtime cover songs for everyone from babies to grown ups


  • Hit the Road to Dreamland
  • Don’t Forget
  • Over the Rainbow
  • I Wish
  • A Child Is Born
  • Barefoot Floors
  • Dance Like the Wind
  • The Nearness of You
  • The Sleep That Flits
  • Summertime
  • Say Goodnight
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Midnight Lullaby

Midnight Lullaby (2009)

“Midnight Lullaby,” my first album exploring contemporary lullabies, was recorded and produced in Nashville with Grammy-winning songwriter Mac Gayden.


  • Baby That’s Not All
  • My Darling
  • Dreaming Sweet Dreams
  • Lullaby
  • Midnight Lullaby
  • Welcome Home To Love
  • The Sweetest Gift
  • La Moora
  • Whisper Warm
  • Forever Young
  • Goodnight, Golden Slumbers
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Wind off the Water

Wind off the Water (1985)

Wind Off The Water is a collection of songs that are meant to inspire and uplift. From the choral-based a cappella song “Rainbow” to Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young,” from lullabies to gospel, this CD explores conscious evolutionary choices so that we can more fully experience and appreciate the beauty of the world around and within us.

Wind Off the Water was produced by the Grammy-award winning songwriter and musician Mac Gayden (Everlasting Love). Charles DeBray was the engineer, and the project was recorded at Windsong Studios in Nashville. The musicians were professional and creative and a complete pleasure to work with.


  • Wind Off the Water
  • Rainbow
  • Forever Young
  • Whisper Warm
  • Comes Let’s Move On
  • Never, Never Land
  • Have My Love
  • Sea of Silence
  • Light the Light
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The Beautiful Feeling

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The Beautiful Feeling Insert 1 The Beautiful Feeling Insert 2

This Beautiful Feeling

from Merry-Go-Round Music

Written while studying with the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to become a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1973, the songs on this album describe the knowledge and experience gained while exploring the inner side of life. Now re-released by Merry Go Round, it was originally recorded in San Francisco by Unity Records, and was recently listed under the genre “California Hippie Chick Music”!


  • No Way Down
  • Laughter Wells From Somewhere
  • Give The Gift
  • Thanks to the Gardener
  • Let Us Be Together
  • I am, I am
  • Good Morning World
  • I to I
  • Butterfly Wings
  • Nothing’s Gonna Take It Away
  • Jai Guru Dev
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I Forgot About the Stars

I Forgot About the Stars (2019)

This is a collection of original vintage-style vocal jazz songs of love, loss, and life. The stories told are from my life and the lives of my family and friends. (The exception is, “Four,” by Miles Davis and Jon Hendricks, because it seems to sum up everything!)


  • Hour by Hour
  • Like Moonlight
  • Travelers of the Seasons
  • I Forgot About the Stars
  • Put Me on Fast Forward
  • The Color of Alone
  • Two Wander Young
  • Morning Takes Its Time
  • Go Around Again
  • I Just Ask
  • Four
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